Application form

Would you be so kind as to fill in all fields? In addition, we would like to receive the following documents from you:

- Copy ID or Passport
- Ship documents
- Certificate of permanent residence
- Copy of bankaccount (for example bank card)

If you want to also insure your partner (spouse) and children please provide us with the following documents (only possible if partner is not working):

Partner (spouse):
• Marriage certificate (if applicable)
• Copy of spouse's passport (if spouse is not working)
• Declaration by a competent body showing that the spouse is not working (if spouse is not working)

• Copy of passport (when under age)
• Birth certificate (when under age)

You can upload these documents below or send it to

Thank you.

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Ordinary seaman
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Helmsman with Patent
Second captain
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Relayer (Ablöser)
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